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Chair: Vacant

The Committee on Communications, Press and Publicity seeks to: (1) promote media content consistent with fundamental NAACP goals, which include the elimination of racial isolation and fear and the furtherance of multi-racial and cultural understanding; (2) work to eliminate employment segregation and discrimination in those industries, [comprising the communications arts and sciences] (radio, telephone, television, motion pictures, newspapers, books, related computer communications, business, cable television); (3) ensure African American ownership and control of print and electronic media — both hardware and software; (4) monitor local and national media, especially advertising performance; (S) provide the National NAACP Office with research and data on those local businesses engaged in communications arts and sciences; (6) ensure that all people have a meaningful right to choose from and have access to a variety of high quality telecommunications goods and services at ra easonable cost; (7) secure publicity for the work of the Branch and the NAACP in the local press and on radio, television and other media; (8) interest persons in leadership positions in local news media on conditions affecting minority groups; (9) counteract derogatory and erroneous statements in local news media about African Americans and other minority groups; (10) be responsible for forwarding to THE CRISIS magazine items covering Branch activities and important local affairs; and (11) act as far as possible as an agency for the promotion and sale of THE CRISIS magazine. 


If you are interested in joining the committee or helping in any way, please contact us here.

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