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Mental Health Awareness Month

Freedom Fighters,

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In recognition of the month, a special movement to erase the stigma of mental health in our community was kicked off this past Saturday; this movement is called Back the Black.

There are many reasons why a committee of passionate individuals under the leadership of Courageous Fire organized the event, here are a few:

  • More than 7 million Black people in the United States are living with a mental health condition.

  • 77% of African American youth have diagnosed mental health disorders.

  • Black females, grades 9-12, were 60% more likely to attempt suicide in 2019 as compared to non Hispanic white females. The pandemic has increased the number of all youth in suicidal ideation.

Fortunately, there are resources available for those seeking answers and support.

Visit this website to learn more:

Black and Thriving!

Jacquie Easley McGhee

Executive Committee Member

NAACP Des Moines Branch


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