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2022 Community Awards Nominations

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

2022 Freedom Fund Annual Awards Call for Nominations

November 23, 2022, DEADLINE

The NAACP Des Moines Branch is now accepting nominations for its 2022 Freedom Fund Awards.

The awards will be presented at the 46th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet, December 3, 2022.

Nominate individuals or organizations who you believe have demonstrated leadership, extraordinary work, achievement and/or numerous volunteer hours in the pursuit of making the Des Moines Metro an inclusive community rooted in liberation where all persons can exercise their civil and human rights without discrimination.

The narrative about the nominee must include civic engagement, activism, or advocacy with an enduring commitment to Race & Justice, Education Innovation, Inclusive Economy, Health & Well-being, or Environmental & Climate Justice. The nomination form must be filled out (separate pages are accepted) and submitted with by November 15, 2022.

Awards to be given:

Description of the Women in NAACP Award

The Sue M. Brown “Women in NAACP” Award shall be awarded in recognition of the legacy of Sue M. Brown, who served as the first woman president of the Des Moines Branch NAACP. The criteria for nomination to this category are:

· Demonstrated exemplary leadership, creativity, cooperation, and hard work in their service to others.

· Contributed her time, efforts and talents to the public which has been conspicuous in its benefit to the greater community.

· Must have inspired those associated with her to strive for excellence in performance and services which has been demonstrated by her personal efforts.

Description of the Excellence in Advocacy Award

This award shall be awarded to an advocate who believed they could make a difference by working on behalf of civic and human rights for all people. The criteria for nomination to this category are:

· Must be actively involved with civic and community engagement.

· Must be able to demonstrate the role of advocacy for a specific cause by working together with the community and on the behalf of the voiceless.

· Must be able to navigate through diverse systems of authority and/or leadership, community organizations, city officials, state delegates and congress to advocate on the civic and human rights of all people.

Description of Visionary Leadership in Education Award

This award recognizes individuals and institutions that are actively involved with giving back to the community through educational opportunities and workforce development for striving young students and working adults. It also recognizes those who have advocated for better schools, scholarships, financial assistance, internship, professional development, and job opportunities. The criteria for nomination to this category are:

· Recipient should be able to demonstrate that they have actively participated in leadership roles to advocate for academic excellence on behalf of students, parents, teachers, faculty members and staff.

· Recipient should be actively involved in promoting public awareness and engaging the community into advocating for effective education policies and issues; school funding; and teachers and/or professors through forums, public board meetings, and hearings held by elected officials, superintendents or presidents of colleges and educational institutions.

· Recipient should be able to show that they have a community network that could include students, parents, teachers, school board members and/or faculty members.

Description of the Youth Leadership/Service Award

This award shall be given to a youth or young adult. The criteria for nomination to this category are:

· Must have demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities and has performed unselfish service to the local community.

· Must demonstrate exemplary leadership and work well with a diverse group of individuals.

· Must have demonstrated successful academic achievement and shown genuine respect for their peers and elders.

Description of the Business or Organization Award

This award recognizes the leadership of a small business or non-profit organization that actively participate in community and civic engagements which carry forth the purpose of the NAACP. The criteria for nomination to this category are:

· Recipient must currently be an owner, board members, employees or volunteers in a small business or organization in areas that provides services or information to the community.

· Recipient must demonstrate their commitment to partner or to provide resources to the community with same or similar mission that empowers the community in said areas: economic sustainability, education, health, public safety/criminal justice, voting rights, environmental or expanding youth engagement.

· Recipient must contribute or donate in-kind services to the community as part of their commitment to participate as a partner or to give back to the community.

Description of the Faith-Based Organization Award

This award recognizes a church or religious institution for its outreach programs and commitments and services to the congregation, community, and neighborhood. The criteria for nomination to this category are:

· Recipient must provide opportunity for the congregation or members to actively participate in outreach to the community and neighborhood.

· Must demonstrate community services or provide resources such as housing, employment/career, education, childcare, shelter, homeless population, health, food distribution, financial assistance and others.

· Must promote and invite the members of the church and religious institutions to work collectively with the community in addressing issues through forums, conferences, and other organizational structures.

· Must demonstrate a willingness to partner with others in the community on appropriate opportunities.

Selection Criteria:

The Des Moines Branch Executive Committee will review nominee narrative and documentation (papers, photographs, letters of support or recommendation, newspapers and/or newsletters, etc.,) which seeks to support the purpose of NAACP and the selected award category identified within the Des Moines Metro on behalf of all people.


All nomination submissions must be typewritten, accompanied by the nomination form, supporting documents and not to exceed five pages, November 23, 2022.

Please complete the 2022 Freedom Fund Annual Awards Call for Nominations Form and submit by November 23, 2022, to or send (hard copy) to: NAACP Des Moines, PO BOX 5036, Des Moines, IA 50305.

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