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Des Moines Branch Announces Nomination of Betty Andrews to Board of Directors

BOSTON, July 31, 2023 - NAACP Des Moines branch announced that member, Betty Andrews, has been nominated for election to the NAACP National Board of Directors at the organizations 2023 Annual Meeting of members to be held in December, 2023.

Life Member of the Des Moines Branch, Ms. Andrews has served as the Iowa-Nebraska State Area Conference President since 2013. Prior to that she was an active member of the Des Moines Branch serving in various capacities in communications, criminal justice, and legal redress. She currently remains active in branch criminal justice and legal redress committees helping to guide the work being done there in additional to her role as State Conference President.

Ms. Andrews believes that Region IV of the NAACP needs a strong voice to advocate for the needs of the associations largest (by land mass) region of the Association. With the recent deaths of Amir Locke, Daunte Wright, David C. Smith, Eric Phillips, George Floyd, Michael Brown, and Philando Castille all occurring within the Region it is hard to deny the systematic and systemic issues the members and general citizens have faced for years.


About NAACP Des Moines

Founded in 1915, The mission of the Des Moines Branch of the NAACP is to achieve equity and social inclusion by advancing policies and practices to expand human and civil rights, eliminate discrimination and accelerate the well-being, education, and economic security of all persons of color in central Iowa.


The NAACP advocates, agitates, and litigates for the civil rights due to Black America. Our legacy is built on the foundation of grassroots activism by the biggest civil rights pioneers of the 20th century and is sustained by 21st century activists. From classrooms and courtrooms to city halls and Congress, our network of members across the country works to secure the social and political power that will end race-based discrimination. That work is rooted in racial equity, civic engagement, and supportive policies and institutions for all marginalized people. We are committed to a world without racism where Black people enjoy equitable opportunities in thriving communities.


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