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Faith Missionary Baptist Church named Faith Based Organization of the year

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

On Saturday, December 3, Faith Missionary Baptist Church received the inaugural Faith Based Organization of the Award during the Des Moines Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) 46th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet. Faith was recognized for their proven leadership, service to the overall congregation of believers, community, and neighborhood.

Faith Missionary Baptist Church was formed in 2010 with a small congregation. Faith is more than a name to it's members. It is a lifestyle. Their strength lies in their Faith in God and informs their community oriented worship.

Members of Faith are actively involved with the Central District Baptist Association and the Iowa Missionary & Educational Baptist Convention. Faith holds a leading role in an area-wide Vacation Bible School during spring break each year, founded and facilitates the first accredited Christian Leadership School in Des Moines, and members own a host of small businesses, conduct associated mentoring, hold leadership roles in religious, Greek and social justice community organizations.

Faith Missionary Baptist Church believes their most prominent ministry is its Christian Leadership School. However, Des Moines Branch President Victoria Henderson Weber states that she believes "the most prominent ministry of Faith is how its members live and show up in the community. They truly embody what it means to lead like Christ and therefore they are a blessing to everyone they can be."

About NAACP Des Moines

Founded in 1915, The mission of the Des Moines Branch of the NAACP is to achieve equity and social inclusion by advancing policies and practices to expand human and civil rights, eliminate discrimination and accelerate the well-being, education, and economic security of all persons of color in central Iowa.

NAACP DSM sees all religious institutions as beacons of hope, healing and direct service to our community. The NAACP has always had a strong relationship with the religious community - one of its strongest allies for over a century - collaborating with Religious Leaders to conduct religious affairs workshops, educate faith based communities on the history and programs of the NAACP, and present moral and ethical interpretations of the civil rights struggle to all believers.

Contact: Victoria Henderson Weber

Des Moines Branch, President


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