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Local Black HERstory Makers WIN

Freedom Fighters,

In 1980, Frances Louise Dancy Hooks and Earleen Bolden organized the trailblazing Women in the NAACP (WIN). This unprecedented project aimed to enhance the leadership roles of women both within the NAACP and in every day life.

WIN served the community by doing everything from supporting & raising funds for emergency relief efforts to creating programing to show and share the power of Black culture . Members of WIN exuded civil rights fortitude and social responsibility.

In 2004, Women in the NAACP (WIN) became an official standing committee of the NAACP via our National Resolutions process.

With the theme "Outstretched hands and open hearts to women and children" the official purposes of WIN are:

  • to enhance the leadership role of women

  • to serve as an advocacy vehicle for social, economic, political, education and health & welfare issues affecting women, girls, and children;

  • to support the policies and ongoing mission and vision of the NAACP.

Locally, our WIN committee was reestablished by executive committee member, Dr. Mary Chapman. Since her administration over the committee began, the members have been staunch advocates for civic engagement, culturally competent resources for children in foster care, women in business and general volunteerism.

If you are not already a member of the WIN committee, I would encourage you to:

Black & Thriving!

Victoria H. Weber


NAACP Des Moines Branch


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