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Congratulations Cheryl Johnson

The Des Moines Branch NAACP would like to congratulate Iowa’s adopted daughter, Clerk of the United States House of Representatives, Cheryl Johnson, on a job well done.

This University of Iowa alumna has guided the United States House of Representatives during an unprecedented week in the modern era of our nation’s history. Ms. Johnson, in her capacity as the Clerk, presided over of the chamber as they held fifteen votes for Speaker of the House over the course of the past four days. This was the 5th longest Speaker vote in American history; the longest Speaker vote since prior to the Civil War.

We commend Ms. Johnson for her steady leadership, sage expertise and unwavering dedication to democracy as she guided this prestigious body through one of its most solemn processes. Our local branch is grateful of Ms. Johnson’s work. We know all Iowans join us in our pride of this Hawkeye.

Victoria Weber


NAACP Des Moines Branch


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