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NAACP National Convention Day 3 Summary

Freedom Fighters,

Your Des Moines Branch delegates found themselves on the business end of the National Convention on Day 3.

We kicked off the day at 8am, attending the meeting for Region IV. Our delegation supported branch member Betty Andrews in her pursuit of a seat on the national board of directors and we are excited to share that Betty's name was sent forward as a candidate for one of the Region IV's positions. Two other names will join Betty's on the ballot. Our branch votes on that regional representative at our meeting in December.

Immediately after the regional meeting we made our way to the Resolutions Meeting. For those of you who aren't familiar, the Resolutions meeting is the sole purpose of the convention. Resolutions are the NAACP governance process that changes/amends current programs or policies of the association and establishes new policies and agendas.

The Resolutions meeting began at 10am and did not end until around 7pm. Yes, that is 9 straight hours (with no break) of discussion, debate, and deliberation to set the tone and policies of our beloved organization; our 114 year old tool for the liberation of Black people. Attached you will find a copy of the resolutions we reviewed and took action on. NOTE: The updated resolutions will be made available after they are ratified by the Board of Directors this fall.

If you are interested in previous resolutions that have been passed, I encourage you to check out the Resolutions Library. This is a great starting place to understand the positions of our organization.

After a long day of work, our delegates debriefed over dinner together at a local eatery that specialized in dosas. The spicy cuisine reinvigorated us enough to attend a soiree hosted by the Boston Branch with special guest Rep. Ayanna Pressley and other elected officials. It was an appreciated finale to a loooooong but productive day.

Thriving Together!

Victoria H. Weber


NAACP Des Moines Branch


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